Utmost Respect


The people that deserve the utmost respect in this world includes a variety of people. From our elderly, to the soldier’s that fight everyday for our freedom, and to the ones that have inspired us to do our best throughout the rough times in our life.

Not a day goes by that I hear the younger crowd making fun of the elderly. They disrespect them for many reasons. It saddens her heart when she sees people sucker punching, robbing, raping, and treating the elderly with disrespect. She does not understand why people do such things to the elderly. You know people are strange when it comes to the elderly. They think that they are too picky when it comes to certain things in the world. However, they have earned the right to be picky! They have gone through many things in their lifetime. “The Great Depression”, World War I, World War II, and many other things. Anyone that has managed to survive these things deserve to be picky with everything in their life because they earned it.

The elderly have some fantastic stories to share with anyone that will listen to them. They have lived their life and just want someone to talk to. Many of them have outlived spouses, children, and all other family members. I personally enjoy listening to what the elderly have to say because they have gone through many things. Listening to their stories, reading to them, and spending time with them is something that makes them happy.

We have made a decision with our children for the upcoming school year since we homeschool we will be taking them to read to the elderly, and to listen to the stories that they have to tell. Everyone needs someone to talk to and many elderly people do not get that interaction unless it is from a doctor or family visiting. The children seem to be excited about the upcoming adventure.

Our soldier’s fight for our freedom everyday. Many people already give them the utmost respect that they deserve. I cannot imagine the things that our troops go through in a year’s time. They have spent most of their life fighting in wars, and giving up most of their life to fight for our country. They deserve the utmost respect from everyone in the world because they are the ones putting their life on the line for our freedom.

I wish to say Thank You to all the soldier’s that have fought or are fighting in these wars and appreciate the job that they are doing to keep our freedoms alive. They are the ones that deserve the respect from everyone.

Thank you for all that you do!

In my family heritage we have had soldier’s that have fought in World War I, and possibly World War II. I am still doing the research but it is amazing to say the least that when you trace your history back this far you find out some interesting facts about your family.

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