An Observation of The World of Parenting In “2014”

Sometimes she wonders what people think about when they up and leave their children without any regards at how it will effect them. It is because they do not care about anyone except for what they want in life. Young people do not have any morals about anything in this world. They only care about what they want and no one else matters. Sometimes it may be a good thing that parents up and leave their children because at least then they would have a fighting chance to make something of themselves. In this day and time the younger generation just  does not care about anything except themselves.

Where have the parents gone? Parents are not parents these days because they do not pay attention to what their children need to know about in the world. It is okay for a little girl or little boys to go out, have sex, and get pregnant. You know it takes two to tango and make babies. Therefore, it is going to take two to raise the babies, and keep them out of harms way. A relationship is 50/50 and it takes both of you to make the relationship work. You cannot take each other for granted and you have to work together to make your relationship work.

Because they know that mom and dad will be there to step in and take care of the child because she has to go to school, work, and do what they want to do. Everyday parents are raising their grandchildren, and great grandchildren because the parents do not want them. They get hooked on drugs, and they do not want to give up their life of partying, and being selfish. If they did not want to have children they should have not put themselves in that situation. They should not put their selfish wants above their children. The human race is strange and the ones that will suffer this will be our generation of children.

Sometimes it is not the parents fault for how their grown children act and do the things that they do. It is because of the people that they hang around and if you are going to hang around people that do drugs, drink all the time, party all the time, and leave their children to fend for themselves then they are better off with the grandparents. Some of the people that have children today should not have children because they are not ready to take on the responsibility of another living being.

People think that they are owed food stamps, welfare, and everything else that they get for free. Although they are getting it for free because it is the taxpayer’s that are having to pay for these people to spend their actual money on things that they do not need. I admit that there are some people that need the help and they should receive the help. However, they should make the effort into making their life better so that they do not need the help from the government. They cannot support the ones that they have but then they go out and get pregnant all over again.

Back in the old days the man of the house went out and worked to bring in the money, and the woman stayed home to take care of the house, and children. However, in the world today it takes two to make ends meet and sometimes you cannot make ends meet with both parties working. You have to work different shifts because some parents do not want to leave their children in the care of people that they do not know. However, you do what you have to do for your children, and family.

She knows that there are some good parents out in the world that teach their children the right and wrong way to be. She admires the ones that actually take the time to spend those precious moments with their children because they do not come all the time. Every time she turns on the television, radio, internet and reads about children that have been tossed out like a piece of garbage, left in cars, being abducted or anything like that it is depressing because these children cannot defend themselves. They are not old enough to know what is going on and why they are being discarded like trash or left behind for someone else to take care of them.

Sometimes they miss having little children running around the house. They are precious little beings. To watch their personalities come alive each year that they grow makes you think about those moments when they are older. Children are precious and we need to make sure that we love, nurture, and raise them to be leaders not follower’s.

Views Of The World


Everyone has their own views of the world, and everyone has their own opinions about many different things around the world. To be able to speak your mind about the different things that you see in the world is something that people take for granted. Many people do not voice their opinions about things that happen in the world today. She does not understand many things about observing the things that people do in this world. However, if it makes them happy then they have the right to do what they want and how they want.

Not everyone has the same outlook about the many different things that people do in this world. It is their right to do with their life how they see fit. Sometimes people just do not agree with the lifestyle that some people choose. Other’s make fun of those who do not do the same thing as them. It is a funny world because people who do not go out and party, go out with friends, and basically stick to themselves are the ones that get made fun of in this world. Just because they do not like doing these things does not mean that they do not have a life. They spend their time with their family because they are the ones that will always be there for them when they need it the most.

For example, a girl spends her time reading books, writing, spending time with family, and making a life for herself. She does not have many friends and seems to be out of place where ever she goes. It does not bother her that she does not have many friends because she has her family. Her thoughts about the whole situation is that she has a wonderful life and she could not ask for more. She has everything that she could possibly want at this point in her life. She does not need conformation about anything that she does in her life because she knows that she will indeed have what she wants before she leaves this world.

People make fun of her because they believe that she misses out on many things. People think that she is judgmental and that she does not have an open mind about some things. It does not matter to her what people think about her because she knows where she wants to be five years from now. She has dreams and aspirations that she would like to achieve in her life to make sure that her children have the things that they need.

Cultures are different no matter where you go in the world what people do here in the United States would mean something totally different in another country. In some countries if a woman has sex out of wedlock they are shunned from their family because they are considered dirty. In other countries women who are raped are the ones that get put in jail or even sentenced to death. How is that right? Because it is their culture.

The Amish people send their teenagers out into the world to find out what they would like to do for the rest of their life. They have the chance to experience what other teenager’s do here in the world. Many of them go back to their faith and other’s like the freedom that they have outside of their community.

Throughout the world of many different cultures and views of how things should be done you have to make up your own mind about how you perceive the world through your eyes, feelings, emotions, and how you want to raise your children. You cannot let other’s make up your mind about how the world is or where you want to believe in.

There are places that she would like to visit and things that she would like to experience in the world. She knows that many parts of the world have different foods, customs, morals, expectations, and many more. Experiencing life can be something good if you pay attention and make the right decisions in your life.

More to come!