Sometimes you have dreams and cannot remember them! Maybe this is a good thing because you probably do not wish to see these dreams come true. Everyone has dreams that they cannot explain. Sometimes they have nightmares and wish for them to stop because it relives those terrible times in their life.

Having dreams is not a bad thing but when those horrible dreams become a reality it stops you in your tracks. When you have dreams it arouses your deepest emotions from different parts of your life. Our dreams help us with the fears, and aspirations of our emotions, life, and anything else around us. Many people have dreams that enchant, frighten, and even enrich their life.

Everyone knows that having dreams is a part of life whether they like it or not people have dreams about a variety of things. Some people have dreams that put them in another place in the world, another statue, another social status. There is nothing wrong with having these types of dreams because you want more out of your life than what you have now.

Dreams have psychological and physiological aspects that may help you and it may not help you through many types of problems. Some people may say that they do not have dreams because they do not have anything to dream about in their life. However, dreams are something that happens and you cannot do anything about having dreams.

She has had dreams that she would like to revisit however, getting back to those dreams are hard to do. She has experienced frightening dreams, which she would not like to revisit because of the frightening experiences she had during those dreams.

Sometimes she talks about her dreams especially the ones that might intrigue others, and some dreams that she just wanted to talk about because of the weirdness they entailed. Some dreams you should keep to yourself and not talk about them because those dreams were meant for only you to have.

She remembers a time when her daughter had a dream about a little girl that she would sit up and talk to during the night. She actually, heard her daughter talking to someone and the next morning she asked her daughter who she was talking to? Her daughter said that she was talking to one of her friends “Sarah” a little girl that was her age. It is quite amazing what children see that grown-ups do not see.

Happy Dreaming!

4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Wonderful post! I have vivid dreams. I have all of the dreams you just listed. Often, my dreams awaken me, and I find myself relieved or disappointed depending on the type of dream.


    1. Thank you for your reply. This post started because I had a dream the other night and could not remember it for anything in the world. It was not a bad dream, and it was not a good dream. I think that it was somewhere in the middle of bad, and good.


  2. I’m somewhat mesmerized by dreams. I have dreams that repeat, have forward momentum (as if in a story) or are stagnant. Dreams just short of nightmares, or wonderful dreams I want to see again.
    Great post, and one of my favorite subjects.


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