When Your Mind Wanders

she sit here staring into the computer screen wondering what to type….she hears the children in the other room talking about a variety of things that she cannot hear completely what they are saying. she hears things hit the ground and hears them laughing and throwing things around what in the world is going on in there she wonders.

As she sits writing about a variety of things, she enjoys listening to the children have their fun in the other room. The sounds of them having fun is music to her ears because they enjoy every minute of the day. There is nothing more than to listen to your children having fun without the addiction of games, television or anything else that children have these days.

The feeling of not being able to write anything is driving her insane! Although she has written quite a bit in the last month at least one article a day it still is not enough. She only has a certain amount of time during the day to spend on writing. She writes more about her life in her journal than anything right now.

She needs to sit down and write articles for her blog, work on the finals for the children, and many other things that needs to be done. The more she writes about her life the more she sees that she has tons of information about her life in her journal. She is close to the 50,000 mark in her journal. You would not think that you could write that much about your life but it is possible to write more.

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