Keep The Knowledge Flowing

Tammy Hopkinson, MBA

She is learning how to build her first webpage all on her own and learning the basics of developing your own webpage using Dreamweaver. For the whole world to see and possibly learn from the mistakes that she has made throughout the process. Of course, the process of learning everything that you need to know about coding will take some time to process the information. Therefore, she will give you some information about herself. She has just finished making her own resume. Although she is still trying to figure out a few things on how to publish to the world wide web. She will keep working with it and learning the concepts of coding, and building your own website.

Things that I have learned through coding!

  • She has learned that coding is not easy!
  • She has learned that it is going to take time!
  • She enjoys the fact that she is learning something new!
  • She loves the fact that she can learn new things to teach her children!
  • The new things that you can learn about coding!

Things that you did not know about or learned before! She loves learning about the new things that can spark her interests and the things that she would like to achieve in the upcoming months as she learns how to code! Coding can take time and she has learned that you cannot get frustrated with the things that you do not know about right now! it will take time to learn all the steps and processes that building your first webpage will take for it to be perfect! It will be a long process and she knows that it will take some time to learn everything that she needs to know about the various ways of coding.

What can you do with the concepts that you have learned

  • Learn more ways to use the different aspects of coding!
  • Teach what you have learned!
  • Enjoy the learning and teaching experience!
  • Tell your children that you can do anything that you put your mind too!

Keep the dreams alive within your children! The interesting aspects of coding are somewhat simple to learn however, she has the faith and drive to learn more about coding and the multiple aspects it entails. She is also looking forward to teaching her children the exact things that she is learning here in the midst of coding. Learning the things that you need to know during the entire process. Where to put things, pictures, images, and many other things to help you on your way to making a huge success out of yourself. You can learn anything that you put your mind to because it is something that you want to do to better your future.

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