Another Great Year of Homeschooling

Just a bit of information to my reader’s! My children have passed mom’s exams and will head to the 10th grade next school year! They are excited and ready for the upcoming school year. It has turned out to be a long road but they did well.

Next, year they will be doing algebra II, Biology, Computer programming, American Literature, and History of the American Nation. Of course, they are all excited about all of the classes that they will take in the upcoming year.

A very proud moment to see that I have done my job as a mother, and teacher to my children. I am very glad that I chose to homeschool four years ago. It has turned out to be the best experience of my life.

Looking forward to the upcoming year as we learn more about a variety of things. I believe that the hardest part for them this year was English Literature however, they passed with no problems. I also learned quite a bit from teaching them in English Literature.

Algebra of course, they were surprised when I could solve the problem in my head without working it out on paper. They are getting to where they can do some problems like that but I told them that it takes time to be able to look at a problem and solve it without working it out.

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