Family Interference While Writing



Writing at home can pose problems especially when you have children. Writing requires quiet time with reflective thought. In the midst, of writing at home she tries to find a spot where there are not any distractions with her writing. You have to divide up your time for everything that you have or want to do require some type of scheduling so no one feels left out and not wanted. Children although you love them you may find your writing may involve some of the things that they have talked to you about when you are writing. Questions they may ask throughout the process of interrupting you while you write. During the course of college classes it was a task to keep your mind on the essay, discussion question or research. However, you have to keep going and block out those many distractions that you may have around you when you write. You want to make sure that your family is welcome in your inner sanctum so that they know that you enjoy their company and thoughts. Some of the best memories are made with each other throughout the process and this is a good way to take note of those wonderful memories.


Throughout your home there will always be some distraction from writing like something coming on the television that you want to see and it will distract you from the task at hand. Writing is an art and certain things may intensify what you are writing about and then again it may disturb your writing process.  The radio can pose as a distraction especially if a song that you love comes on you will find yourself singing to the song and loose site of what you were writing about with every phrase of the song. Sometimes it helps you in writing more because of the intensity of the song may have you reflect on something that happened in your past. Cellphones may also cause you distractions when you write because you may have friends that text you about everything going on in their life. They could pose more distractions than you would like because of the need to know what is going on in their life.

The Art of Writing

Writing is an art and some are blessed with this art that allows words to just roll out of their mind and onto whatever they are writing on at that moment. It is quite amazing at the amount of words that you can write within a certain time period if you put your mind into the work that you are doing. Especially if you are writing about something that you love to write about and something that you know. The slightest thing can spark some inspiration into what you want to write about and then the words just flow from your mind. Writing about your family experiences, dinners that you have, desserts, and many other things can inspire the most wonderful piece of writing. It will also add some significance to what you are writing in your journal, blog, and anything else you are writing with throughout the writing experience.

Here’s to the writing experience may it be a wonderful one!

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