The inspiration to keep you motivated to Write

The littlest things in your life can give you inspiration to be motivated throughout the day. You may be at work and something funny that your children has said brings a smile to your face. Watching the people come and go throughout your business might cause you to break a smile or even into a laugh. You may look at your children and think about something that they have said to you over the years. It sparks a story that you write about in your journal and then read it to them. Sometimes it may be something that someone else has told you at your job, at a dinner, at a party or something else. No matter where the inspiration comes from you find the motivation to keep writing about anything and everything that you can. After all what else do you have to look forward to when you get home from work, school, and anything else that you have done in the course of your day.

Of course, everyone has their moments of just sitting around enjoying the nice summer days, spring days, or even the winter days just to lock up the motivation for one day is not a bad thing. Motivation comes in spurts and you can accomplish many things when you are motivated especially when it is something that you want to do. When she talks about her writing to others they always say they do not have time to do that. They do not have the patience to sit down and just write about anything. It is funny that in homeschooling the children they started to say the same thing however, you have to make time to do the things that you want to do. She makes time to write every day in her journal, on her blog, in her book, and it could be about anything that has happened in the course of her day.

Sometimes when she stops to re-read some of the things that she has written in the course of her day from whatever motivational tool she used it brings a sense of humor, and possibly even a demented sense of thought. A couple of months ago she was writing about the mountains and how country life is by the time she was a few pages into the writing the story turned to a demented woman who lived in a cabin in the woods, and was physiologically imbalanced from things that she had seen in the city. It seems silly but you know the motivational tools that you use when you write may lead you to several different scenarios before you come up with the one that you want to use within your story, book or article.

3 thoughts on “The inspiration to keep you motivated to Write

    1. I believe that it is important too! I write everyday in a journal and this year I have written 50,000 words and the year is not over yet. Along with the articles I write for my blog. It is amazing what you can write about when you take the time to do it. Thanks!!!!


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