Second Week of Biology Homeschool

The second week of biology and the questions keep coming. Of course, this is going to be an interesting subject for the children to learn. Looking forward to the outcome  because this is going to be a wonderful course. You have to make up your own questions and sometimes that is better in the long run.


1. Who was involved in refining the production of lenses and made microscopes satisfactory for simple scientific observations?

2. When did intensive work on cells begin?

3. Who are the two German investigators of the first clear enunciation of cell theory?

4. What is cell theory?

5. Were Schleiden and Schwann the first people to enunciate the principle of cell theory?

6. Who observed the first nucleus? What year?

7. Who was Robert Hooke? What did he study?

8. Who was responsible for the extension of cell theory? When?

9. Who did experiments to prove Virchow’s theory of biogenesis?

10. What are two components of cell theory?

11. How long is a single human nerve cell?

12. What is the diameter of a human red blood cell?

13. What is the diameter of an ostrich egg?

14. What is a solution?

15. What happens when the sand is no longer agitated?

16. What are the factors that cause changes in Sol and Gel? Name six.

17. What is a protoplasm?

18. What is plasma membrane?

19. What is a angstrom?

20. who concluded that the membrane consists of inner and outer layers of protein? What year?

21. who made electron micrographs?

22. How many angstroms is a whole membrane?

23. Movement of particles from one place to another is called?

24. What is free energy?

25. What is the movement of water through a semipermeable membrane?

26. What is osmotic pressure?

27. What is phagocytosis?

28. What is pinocytosis?

29. What is the primary wall?

30. What is Pectin?

31. What is the middle lamella?

32. What is the secondary wall?

33. What is lignin?

34. What are chromosomes? What composes them?

35. What are genes? What do they do?

36. _________________are dark-staining, generally oval bodies.

37. Who developed endoplasmic reticulum? What year?

More to come with this chapter! They needed the book to do their schoolwork……

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