Random Thought throughout the Day! Part 2

Okay this is a work in progress continued from a previous post! Please feel free to comment. Trying to get into my creative mindset!


The crazy woman in the cabin in the woods decided to go into town again to pick up some things that she was low on to keep her stocked throughout the upcoming winter months. In the midst of going to town she stopped at that little kitchenette shop that she loved going to for lunch. The little kitchenette in this small town had a delightful menu. She decided to go with the club sandwich, and fries with a diet coke.  As she is sitting there waiting for her food to arrive she looks around at the locals having their lunch as well. She relives the memories of the terrible things that she has done in the past few months. She tries to remember why she came to this point in her life. Why she was targeted in the city was because of the things that she saw other people in the firm do to get their way. The voices in her mind were not going away without the medication that she was supposed to take. Of course, she does not take her medication the way that she should because of the side effects it has on her.

She would rather live with the voices in her mind because that is all that she knows at this point in her life. A woman of around 40 who thought she had it all living in the city is now in a solitude of living in a cabin in a small town where she does not know anyone so to speak. She finally sees the waitress bringing her food to her and she asks the waitress for another refill on her diet coke. She gets her plate ready moving her fries to one side so that she can put some ketchup on the plate to dip the fries in, opens up her sandwich to put some mayonnaise on it and some salt and pepper for flavoring. As she sits there eating her lunch she could not help but to notice a man sitting by himself about her age, eating the same thing as she was trying not to make eye contact she studies him for awhile. although she did not say anything to him because they seemed like they were studying each other. As she was finishing up her meal, she paid for her bill, and decided to make her way back to her cabin.

On the way to the cabin as she is driving she thinks about the things that have transpired over the last couple of months. Why would she do something like this to other helpless people? She at one time was disgusted with people who did these types of things to other people. here she was doing the same things that she disgusted in other people. She locked herself up in that cabin all the time except for the few times she needs to go into town. As she arrives at the cabin she has to take the stuff into put them up. She decides to sit down and write about the events in her life going through papers from when she worked in the city, emails she had received, correspondence letters that came to her through the firm, and other information concerning the time that she had spent at the firm. She still cannot believe that they have not caught onto what those people were doing while working at the firm. How could she have worked for a company so long that did not have a clue to what their people were doing. It does not make any sense you would think that the people who run the place would see what was going on and what they did for years at a time. The murder of people who would not do the things that they were asked to do by these crazy people, filling their heads full of things that were not true, and would drive them to the brink of craziness.

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