Reading is a Big Thing

When you read you can go anywhere in the world. You have the power to make your own imagination  take hold of the story. Reading is about going places that you may not be able to go. She did not think that much about reading until she started homeschooling her children. You may find that you can go anywhere in the world. You can take your mind on the best adventure that you can imagine.  Allowing your mind to reach the world. In reading a variety of books by different people who have different view points about everything in the world can make the difference in many ways. Learning about how others write to achieve the goal and point they are trying to make and show that they have gone through the same things in their life. Life is about learning new things that you did not know about and expanding your mind. It is also about being an inspiration to others who might be going through the same things that you are in your life. Reading gives you the chance to see other people’s point of view. Examining the writing style that they use when they write about the things in their life and obstacles they have overcome.

Tammy Hopkinson, MBA