Our Creek

This is beautiful! How I miss looking at the creek, and seeing nothing but fall colors.

Welcome to Farmhouse Sunshine


We have been so blessed.

We have this adorable little farmhouse that my husband’s family helped us get so that we could start building some roots. Not only is the house adorable and have a great piece of land, but we have this amazing creek that runs our entire property line.

This creek is a leg of Floyd’s Fork.

It always sounds so peaceful and it just makes our home that much more “homey,” if that makes sense. I absolutely adore it. When it’s warmer out, I often just walk with my feet in the water to clear my head and just take in the nature around me while doubling with a stone massage on my feet 😉

However, it is way too cold for that nonsense right now BUT the colors this time of year are just breath taking. So, like any photographer, or weirdo, I grabbed my camera…

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250MB hard drive; ca. 1979

Right! Technology is evolving and they are coming out with many things! It is quite amazing how many things have changed over the years.

I hope to be remembered for my atrocities!


To think now, I have 16gb of flash storage on my phone and 3 terabytes of hard disk space with an extra 250gb of solid state storage on my computer but back then this was groundbreaking stuff. Makes me scared for the future in a way. Imagine when we think back and say “I can’t believe I ONLY used 3 terabytes”.

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