Interview protocol

You know I do not have much experience in hiring people to work for a company.  However,  I know of that you should not wear certain things when you go on an interview.  You want to look professional so that you impress your future boss.  The first impression means everything because that  is the impression your boss is going to get of you.  You have to be confident and sure of yourself. 

The candidate will be asked numerous questions about themselves, their work ethic, their personality, and many other things.  You have to be sure of yourself,  and be proud of the things that you are proficient. You need to also keep in mind that you need to bring a resume because most places require you to be prepared if they ask about your previous employment.

You do not want to leave a bad impression on your future boss because you want to be hired for the position. You need to dress accordingly to show the employer that you mean business.  You have to care about how you look, speak, and act.

You do not want to show up for an interview wearing something that you would wear out with your friends to the club. This would lead the prospective employer wondering how you would dress when you arrive to start your first day.

In order to get the job you have to present yourself in a way that gets you the job. Confidence and punctuality are the key.  As well as being prepared with the right information that you will need.

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