That is something scary to go through. I hope that things have worked out! I personally have seen someone try to commit suicide. These types of people are not thinking clearly enough to know of what they are doing not only to themselves or family.

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What are your thoughts on suicide? Some people who have either done it or tried to do it have the mind set that its the only way to deal with their problems and to kill themselves that they would be better off. Well, I am sure that there are MANY reasons for why people commit suicide are try to do it. In the past I have tried to commit suicide on 12 different occasions. There were a couple of times when I came REAL close to dying but never crossed over to the other side. Actually in every instance that I tried to kill myself I had a different reason and a different motive for doing so. I wanted to hurt the people that hurt me, I wanted them to know that they were the reason why I did it, I wanted them to carry the guilt for the rest…

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Time to Make Your Mark.

Awesome post! Loved reading it.

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Whittling. I worked all week making those marks in the hard pine wall, the ones that would eventually read as my name. My tool was a boy scout knife, a heavy  four bladed folder with a dark brown bone type handle, three brass pins, steel caps on either end and a small lanyard ring.

the knife I loved..... the knife I loved…..

Hours passed, as so easily happens on lake time, while I dug the tip of my knife into the wall, first here, then there, connecting the small lines until a minuscule, squared off piece of wood would chip out.

I just knew I had to leave my mark. It was a way for me to stake my claim in the future on the cabin walls a claim all those who might come to the lake could see.

I’d chosen a spot on the wall where the afternoon’s sun reflection off the lake outside…

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I’m no pro but what I do know is this

I know that feeling! I started this blog because it made me feel good. I wanted people to see my point of view. I did not expect that people would read what I wrote about, and now I have made quite a few blogging friends since starting this blog. It has turned out to be a wonderful experience.

The blogosphere was a world I knew little about a year ago, as I accidentally landed on pages on the internet, discovering and reading amazing articles oblivious to the fact they were blogs.


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