In the midst

Fellow readers I just realized that I have not posted anything since January of this year.  I am disappointed in myself for not posting anything. However, things are busy in my life that does not allow much time for anything else.  There are so many things in your life and sometimes you cannot control the situations that happen in your life.  I am always telling the children not to make excuses.  The problem is that with being a manager, and homeschooling there is not much time for anything else. 

Priority number one is to make sure the children are getting the grades they should. Priority number two is to make sure I am focused at work to be the best manager I can be. Priority number three is to spend quality time with the family.  Writing is something that is for free time that I do not have much if anymore.  Therefore,  even if I only post once or twice a month from here on out that would be okay. I love to write however pressing matters come first. I know that people understand the importance of life and the things that we must do.

What is amazing is that people are still enjoying the articles that I have done over the years, and will enjoy them for  years to come.  As I move forward in my life with the new job and everything else I know that one day I will be able to put my writing abilities to work. One day I will be able to write when and where I want until that time I will post when I can.



3 thoughts on “In the midst

  1. Your priorities are the most important, no worries if you can’t post something daily or every other day, cause the best ones are from inspirations when you least expect 🙂


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