Welcome back to the world of writing!

Hello Readers,
She has been quite busy lately with many things going on in her life. Now, she is back to the writing and hopefully will be able to keep some articles coming throughout the year. This past year was filled with many different obstacles that have turned out to be a big part of her life. Running a business is something that she has always dreamed about and learning the right way to do things along with the wrong way to do things is something very demanding. Since we are open 24 hours a day you are always on call for anything that may go wrong with your business.
She believes that things have gotten stable at this point since it has been a year since the promotion to management. It is great and she enjoys the work that she does for the company that she works for throughout this career. Along with loosing the laptop due to complications with the system or battery writing articles to publish on the cell phone is sometimes not feasible.
Now, she is sitting here writing this blog post to apologize to all her reader’s for not posting something sooner. She just realized it has been 10 months since she has written anything of substantial interest for the reader’s. Hopefully, now she can keep posting something around the hectic schedule that she has because it is something that she has loved doing. Writing is an art and some people just know how to write till their hearts content.
That is what happens when you sit down at the computer and just let your thoughts come out onto the page in front of you. Well anyway, here is to the upcoming year with plenty of writing articles for this blog that she started a few years ago.


Please help in donating to keep the coffee and writing coming for my fellow viewers. Much love to everyone for reading my content.


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