Our Garden 2016


Well this year we are planting more than we did last year. It is going to be exciting working out in the garden and getting ready for the upcoming growing season. Soon we will be planting the rest. Right now we have potatoes, onions, garlic, beans, okra, and squash in the ground. Looking forward to getting the rest of our crops in the ground. The best part about it all is watching them grow. The reaping of the benefits of growing a garden is eating what we grow instead of spending that money at Wal-Mart.

We are going to get better at doing a garden and this year we are getting a better start on the planting. Of course, we have the tools needed to do it  now and it is looking good right now. It is going to look even better when we have green every where. More pictures to come throughout the process of growing our own vegetables.

April Challenge accepted

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

I love these types of challenges and looking forward to the upcoming month of April. These are things that keep you motivated to write and keep your reader’s interested in the things that you write about and keep them coming back for more. Cannot wait until the event starts. Better get started now so they can self publish while I am working.

Our fall garden


Broccoli although it did not do that much because we got a late start on it. However, it was beautiful to look at.




Raised beds with lettuce, radish,and onions. Everything turned out great except for the broccoli. We love having a garden and this year’s is going to be bigger than the one we had last year. Gardening is so much fun and stress free our children love the fact that we are growing our own food for the most part.


Turnips were awesome this year and we have a freezer full of turnips and collards that we can eat throughout the year. Until we start some in the fall along with other things this year. We are excited and getting things ready for the upcoming planting season.