Gardening During the Summer

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Gardening is so much fun and the benefits of gardening are something that you cannot let go of because of the amount of food that you get from your garden. We are looking forward to this year because we have already got most of our garden put in for the upcoming summer months. This year we are doing many things to fill our property with things that we can eat throughout the year.


Here are our raised beds that we have onions, garlic, sage, tarragon, dill, eggplant, oregano, tomatoes (soon), and cilantro. We are looking forward to watching them grow and produce. We will be putting up more pictures as we go along on this journey of our garden. It is going to look pretty when they all start growing and producing their leaves.


Squash is the best because you can do quite a few things with squash. Of course, it is going to be a while before they are ready but watching them grow is the best part of it all. This is just the start of our adventure with our garden. Throughout, the process we will be documenting the beauty of our garden when it finally takes off, and we know that it does not look that pretty right now.

2 thoughts on “Gardening During the Summer

  1. I have always enjoyed gardening but the fruits of my labours are…frugal. The positives are sweet peppers (one time, a whole glut of them) and tomatoes (a couple of times) and lettuce (one time). Most of my crops, if they sprout at all, are eaten by slugs and snails. I live on the edge of a nature reserve and do not use any pesticides because of it. So I tend to focus of flowers and shrubs these days. The kind that slugs don’t like.

    But I do love my garden, if only to look at my spiky shrubs.

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