Learning about Cyber Security

Last October, she decided to go back to school to get a certificate in Cyber SecurityIt has turned out to be an informative class, of course, she thought that she knew enough about computers turns out she did not know a whole lot of anything. There was tons of information at the beginning of the class that I have never even thought about when it comes to computers and how vulnerable they can be around the wrong people. People, you have to protect yourself along with the things that you use throughout the day. These are some things that you need to protect your computer, cellphone, laptop, tablet, or anything else you use to connect to the internet. The hacker can get in with no problems. She has passed the Microsoft Technology Associate part of the class. She is currently working on CompTIAof course, it has taken her a little longer than She hoped to pass the test. However, when she took the test questions, she had not gone over them. So, therefore, when she is ready, she needs to take the test over so that she can get certified have been using Test-out for studying. However, we have learned that it is only 1/3 of the material covered within the class compared to the test that she has taken.

In a week or she will be competing in the Skills USA competition with another student. She is excited to have this experience in the region. A little nervous as she has never competed with anyone except when it comes to working. Studying the materials and making sure that she is comfortable with the concepts is what she is focusing on right now. When you are working 60 plus hours a week along with going to night classes is stressful. However, the achievement at the end of the tunnel is something. She is looking forward to when it finally comes together so; she has something to brag about when she finishes this and gets a good job in the Cyber Security field.

Throughout, this course She has built her computer if you have never put one together in my life. She ordered the parts with the help of her instructor and took the computer parts out of the box. When she received all of the computer parts for the computer came in, she put it all back together with help from other students. Of course, she wishes she could have never done that if she did not go to this class to learn more about computers. She has had many people ask me why she has gone back to school. She tells them because she doesn’t want to settle for anything less than she wants out of life. She wants to have options and maybe make some money on the side for something that she enjoys doing. In life, you have to have trades and hobbies that make you feel good inside. The hobbies that make everything throughout the day disappear for just a little while by doing something you love to do.

She just recently started the forensics side of Cyber Securityand let her tell you the amount of stuff you learn within the class is interesting. You can see how it shows you how to dig deep down into someone’s computer to find the hidden files that they may or may not have hiding. It is interesting how people use the hashing algorithms to hide things or find things out about the other person on the other side of the computer. Her instructor says he sees me working for the FBI someday. She does not think that she is ready for that right now. However, it is nice though to be on the forensics side of the computer.

More details to come as she continues on this journey in learning more about Cyber Security. Along with the ways you can protect yourself on the internet. She will have to break out her notes and make some more posts on Cyber Security.

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