Moving on with your future!

During the process of your life, things do not always go your way. When you finally grow up, get married, have children, and start a life. Sometimes, you are not ready for the obstacles that come your way. People you love go onto a better place and leave the world behind with only the next generations to carry on their own. Leaving; legacies behind and preserving traditions that pass down throughout the years.  

People take many things for granted and are never happy with their life. It is because people have nothing to live for and no desire to make things better in their life. You have to want to do better to get better with what is going on in your life.

When we turn on the television to watch the news, there is nothing good on there most of the time. It is like a horror story un-ruffling right before our eyes. No matter what time you turn it on the television, you will always see something happening. Now do not get me wrong you, have to watch the news to stay current with what is going on in the world today. However, watching the news also boosts everything up to make people panic about anything.

Not a day goes by that she does not think about her mother with all the good times. When she moved away, it was harder for them to keep in touch with one another. Before, she went away and moved out of state. Sometimes she sits around and talks to her mother like she was there sitting next to her. Her mother was the type of person that would sit there and listen to all the stories she had to tell. She loved talking about the happenings that she has going on in life. Then she is reminded that her mother is watching her from above but with her in her heart.

Mothers are the most prized possession a person can have in their life. Sometimes, mothers need to know that they appreciated everything that they do. Throughout the day you can see her dazing off into the daydreams of her mother. She loved to drink her coffee every day and would start out with black coffee and would then have a cup of cappuccino. Her mother smoked cigarettes all day long but you could walk into a room and see one sitting in the ashtray just burning away. She told her mother one day that the rooms of the house were smoking and wasting cigarettes. It was funny! Her mother laughed about it later on.

It is saddening to her to know that she will never be able to hug, kiss, and wish her mother a goodnight because she has gone to that better place where she is not in any pain and not suffering from the disease that took her from her family so soon.


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