Random Thoughts Continuous 1

You never know what you’re going to see as your sitting outside no, matter what you are doing. There’s always something to see doesn’t matter if it’s the people that walk by or drive by. People are mysterious in so many ways it’s hard to understand what people are thinking throughout the day. It’s not that you would want to know what everyone is thinking about because you might not like what you hear. Sometimes she sits around and thinks about my mom. But then I know she’s in a better place because she’s not hurting. Dealing; with cancer is a hard thing to do; when you have to leave all your family behind. This year it’s going to be horrible. These people want $15 an hour to flip burgers at McDonald’s or Burger King.
People don’t understand that when they raise the minimum wage everything, else goes up. Gas, water, utilities, property taxes, and electric bill; you name it, everything’s going to go up. However, if they would know to live within their means, they wouldn’t be complaining about buying stuff needed instead of things they want, then we wouldn’t have any issues people would be happy. We live in a very in-different world! People think they’re owed everyone thinks; they should get stuff for free healthcare, preschool, free college it, does not matter; nothing’s for free.
Come on; people wake up and see what is going on in the world today. Someone else pays for the so-called free things in this world it; is not free. You cannot live off other people the rest of your life; you have to make the best of the life you have and enjoy it. Even if life presents some challenges, you have to take the stand in life and say, “I am not going to do this anymore I want more out of life.” Throughout your life, you will do and say things that you do not mean. That is life in general. You cannot always have things your way, you cannot get mad at your bosses, you have to abide by the rules, and you need to follow directions. Things in life are not easy if you are living paycheck to paycheck. Everything in life happens for a reason, and you should not question that because there is a plan for us. People need to understand there is something everyone in this world is passionate about no, matter what it is. Writing, blogging, photography, and anything else you can think; something they want to do for the rest of their life. You have to thoroughly enjoy the job you do because if you do not, you will never be happy a day in your life.
The benefits of accomplishing something you like to do; can be a career of is the most valuable accomplishment you will ever do in your life. By making sure you are doing the job that you love to do. You should make the money you want to make, and it is the only way you to live your life. The outcome of anything you do is yours alone, and no one else can change the outcome of your life. Taking advice from other people to further your passion can help you keep the; passion for what you love to do. All around the world, there are millions of people who love; which is finding those people and connecting with them to find what works for them. You will never know if you don’t get out and talk to the millions of people in the same boat you are in and want more out of life.

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