Come on Inside

Random thoughts throughout the day working on the events of this year and how people are handling the outcomes of all the events throughout the year. It has been a bumpy ride for everyone across the world. Personal opinions and Random thoughts about all the issues facing the world today.

Big Lagoon State Park Pensacola, Florida

This year has brought all kinds of obstacles for everyone around the world. The first thing that came about this year was Covid19. Next there came Hurricane Sally which did quite a bit of damage to this area. Third came Hurricane Zeta did not get much damage from this one. Finally, the election rolled around and is still causing problems days after the election.

The start of Covid19 happened in March of this year. However, people believe that it was here way before that in October of last year. This caused many businesses to close and cut down their staffing. Some places even furloughed associates, and managers. Now, even months later after this started we are still seeing restaurants that are drive thru only, and some that you can go in and place an order but have to take it home. Very few restaurants now that are allowing dining in.

On our travels we look at these things because we think that it is crazy that businesses are still not letting people come inside to eat. However, we all know that people are still going to go through the drive thru because they can and it does not matter. We like driving around because you never know what you are going to see while you are out in the world. Sometimes it is so funny to look around at the world around you there is never a dull moment.

Hurricane Sally 2020

People do what ever they are told to do during a crisis. Look at what we have experienced throughout this year. Mask mandates no matter where you are they have never done this before with any type of medical issues that we as a country have faced. The flu, which includes a variety of viruses that millions of people die from and they have never made a big deal like they have with Covid19

Now, the world is wondering what is going to happen in the upcoming months with the way the election has ended. Personally she has never had an interest in politics until now. The lively hood of the American people is at stake. Our freedom is being taken away and no one cares enough to speak out about things. However, when you get onto Facebook then you see all the comments and statements about the election.

Even the news stations are not telling the whole truth only what people want to hear. This country is over with and people just don’t understand or even care about how the country is going to be in the upcoming years. More editing to come throughout the upcoming days.


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