Learning PHP

Tammy’s Learning PHP

For the last couple of days, she has worked on this computer. She is learning about the different types of programming out there today. She enjoys all the ones she; has tried the last couple of days. Now, it is time to learn how to put the words or various other words into making it the best. Currently was browsing the types of jobs that you can have when you have the certifications for this type of stuff. Although, you have to have some experience in any of the programming sections. Assuming; you were to practice for a couple of years and keep track of your progress, that would count as the experience you need to get that job. However, that may not be the case unless you have already worked for someone or a company doing this type of programming


Now, she needs to learn how to put all the information together. So she can use the different types of programming that are out there for her to learn and maybe teach others how to do the same. Throughout, this journey she is going to post her progress here and show the world that. She can do anything she puts her mind to and will achieve the desired outcome. This adventure is a journey to remember, and she is looking forward to the end of her project.


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