Hello Reader’s

Hello Reader’s

I have been so up in my emotions lately that nothing else mattered to me except to sit in my chair when I get home and do nothing. This has not helped me in the slightest to get myself back on track with what I am passionate about throughout this experience. Losing a loved one that you hold dear to your heart is something that is hard to grasp. I loved writing and did it continually regularly. However, when my mother passed away that was the hardest thing I personally have ever had to deal with in my adult life. It is not the same when you can actually pick up your phone and call your mother.

It is the little things that matter in life, and when you take advantage of that you suffer the consequences of your actions. She has come to realize that my mother would not want me sitting here doing nothing with my life and working for the same company for years and years. There is so much more out in the world to see and do besides sitting in your house with nothing to do. I recently became a grandmother to a handsome little fellow. When you stop and think about it she is to blame because she fell into this slump where nothing else mattered. She now wants to make a change in her life and the only way to do it is to get out there and learn some different things that will help me in my journey. Well, so far it is kicking into a new start for writing and keeping up with the progress I want to make.

Things in life are not as they seem because things get in the way of the things that you want to do in your life. My mother was the glue that held us together when times were tough. She is gone now and I am glad she is not in any pain anymore but the fact that she was taken from this world before she should have been being something that bothers me to a certain degree. My mother was the best part of my life because she was there when I wanted to talk to her. I assume she is still there in my presence and I could talk to her but people would think that I am crazy. However, I still talk to her from time to time. Sometimes, you have to put aside the things that bother you and continue your life with every passion that you can because life is short.

Life is short and you have to be consistent in the things that you do for the rest of your life. Sometimes that is hard to do and stick with but you have to do it because it is what you are supposed to do. No matter what you do in your life you will regret the things that you did not accomplish and you will never forgive yourself for not pushing yourself to go the extra mile. Well, now she is pushing herself in the direction that she wants to go in and make sure that she will achieve the goals that she is seeking for the rest of her life. She is in the process of learning some different coding languages that will help her in the goal-achieving stages. She also needs to always start writing in the third person because she has some mistakes in this to change to make it more usable. She knows that she has some stories to tell and the only way to bring them out is to sit here and write every day. You can just write down thoughts that come to your mind about anything in the world. Making outlines for the books that she wants to write and many other things that she loved doing oh so much.

It is quite lonesome here now that the boys are working and not spending that much time at home. She is so happy that they are working and making their own way in the world. Now it is time to start pushing them in a different direction of having things of their own and their own home, car, and other things that they may want out of life. Things are different now we have just the puppies and ourselves here at the house. We get to do what we want when we want and somehow it is different because for years we did not do that much because we were always worried about the children and what they wanted to do. We always made sure that they were taken care of even if we had to do without. Well, the way the world is going right now we may have to do it again just to make sure everyone is taken care of and has food to eat. They try not to watch too much of the news because they just hype it up and make people so scared and afraid to go out their doors. People believe anything that you tell them and it is a shame because they believe everything they read online and they believe everything that they are told.

She is learning that some of the information on the programming side of things is something that she is already incorporating in the blog that she created a few years ago. It is quite amazing how far her blog has come and she has not put that much effort into the content that she places on it. However, now things are starting to look different when she applies what she has learned to her blog posts. By researching what other people are doing to drive traffic into their sites. There has to be a way for her to bring more traffic to her website and start making something from her endeavors.

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