The Happy Trails of Sham 2

Sham is a companion Sham; has been in the family for many years. We got him in 2010 and, he has been our best friend since then. Sham is full of love and playfulness. He knows who loves him and spoils him to no end. He has a brother Junior who we have also had for a few years. They love playing together and love when they get new toys. They will both prance around the house with their new toys showing them off to everyone. Right now, they are lying here in the living room just being lazy and protecting their pack.

Sham and Junior

At first, Sham did not know what to think about the little pup because he was the only dog we had for years. However, we wanted him to have a friend that Sham and Junior could play around with so Sham and Junior would not be lonely while we are gone out or something. Do not let that handsome, big puppy fool you Sham, can be a bit of a bully when it comes to snack time. These two puppies right here are the heart of our home. They are very loving and caring. People say that animals do not have feelings that are so not true. They know who their masters are and, they know what we are talking about when it comes to food, going to the spa to get groomed, and many other things. Sham and Junior are smart and know when they are being taken care of and, Sham and Junior know; when they are not taken care of in the house.

These two puppies right here are the best puppies we have ever had in our life. Sometimes that is hard to say because we have taken in some that had something missing. We have been taking in some puppies that no one wanted. One time we lived in an old apartment complex that we lived in, people would drop them off on the side of the road because the animal shelter was closed. Mostly, they did not want to take the extra step to take them inside. Sadly, people are this way to animals. There is no reason for that just because they do not want to take the time to care for the animal. Most of the time parents, get the animals for the children, and then the children complain about having to take care of them 24 hours a day until you get them trained.

Every day she comes home to find Sham waiting for her to arrive home. He will follow her around until she sits down in the living room so he can keep an eye on her. Sham does not like to be left alone, and Sham always needs to be around his family. Junior is the same way, however, Junior can hear that thunder from miles away. Amazingly, Junior can listen for; the thunder when we cannot. Right now, they are lying in the living room sleeping, alongside each other like brothers. Best dog’s ever, and they love you for everything that you provide for them.

There is more to come on this journey with Sham and Junior.


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