Experiencing COVID19 2021

So here we are today at this moment with everything that is going on in the world today and we take for granted the things that we are able to do. We don’t want to give up our freedom from doing or saying things that people do not like because they are so sensitive. Now, we have people that are scared to go outside or to the store or anywhere in public for fear that everyone is sick. Well here is an example, of how COVID19 can affect you in some way or another.

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

Some of the experiences in having the COVID19 virus are all the symptoms of any other virus out in our world today. Some of these symptoms are severe and depending on what your medical history is you may experience more symptoms that most everyone else. We are all different in the way that we experience symptoms from any type of virus. One of the hardest symptoms is headaches it lasts for a week and it is not in one certain spot. If you have history of headaches this is the hardest part nothing helped.

Day 1 of the COVID19 virus symptoms experienced were fatigue, sore throat, fever, chills, muscle pains, and very congested almost all of the symptoms. This virus literally drains every energy out of your system. Drank plenty of fluids and nothing tasted good at all today. Of course, they say that you also experience some of these symptoms a week before you even know you had it but just never gave it another look.

Day 2 of the COVID19 virus symptoms experienced were the same as day one and still nothing tastes good. Drinking plenty of water and electrolytes to keep from getting dehydrated. It is worth keeping the liquids every chance you can get because this virus is hard on the body that is for sure. All you want to do is sleep and rest with little to no movement.

Day 3 of the COVID19 virus symptoms experienced were not as bad a day before but you could still feel the previous two days. The symptoms are ongoing, and alternating between ibuprofen, and dayquil sinus medicine. The only thing that seems to help with the symptoms is the ibuprofen because of the inflammation.

Day 4 of the COVID19 virus symptoms experienced were not as bad today. However, you know how it goes one minute you feel good and the next you feel like you have ran a marathon. Still doing the alternating of medicine and staying hydrated. Of course, nothing tastes good so very little nutrition. Headache is still hanging around today and nothing seems to keep from going away.

Day 5 of the COVID19 virus symptoms experienced getting better slowly but still wears you down mentally and physically because of he variety of symptoms you have during the course of the virus. First hand experience and it is something that no one should have to go through or die from when people can be smart about what they do while they are sick.

Day 6 of the COVID19 virus symptoms experienced seem to be improving but sometimes it feels like there is not recovering from this virus. Headaches that will not go away with over the counter pain medicine but still making it without having to go to the doctor. We have been taking vitamin c, Zinc, Probiotics, D3, and many other vitamins because they help keep your immune system working the way that it should. Things could have gone a lot worse for us but with taking the right precautions made it not so bad. We did not feel all that great but we managed the best way we knew how to get better.

Day 7 of the COVID19 virus symptoms are the same as the day before when all you do is rest and lay around it seems like you have done a lot of work. Mentally and physically drained from the previous few days. Still cannot taste anything and nothing remotely sounds good to eat. However, you have to eat something to keep the energy to fight off the virus. Staying on the regimen with the vitamins and making sure that you are drinking enough water and drinks with antioxidants.

Day 8 of the COVID19 virus symptoms seem to be getting better and some hours are better than others. We are keeping the house sanitized and clean so that no one else gets sick throughout this process. We are actually feeling a little better throughout the last 8 days this one has not been that bad. Potato soup and broccoli, cauliflower, and cheese melted on it which was just what the doctor ordered.

Day 9 of the COVID19 virus symptoms getting a little better today. Actually was able to taste some of the dinner that we had today. Dinner tonight is going to be spicy we are all in the mood for some spicy tacos. One sure way to clean out those sinus’s works every time. Was actually pretty great and was able to taste some of the spices.

Day 10 of the COVID19 virus still congested and tired from the past ten day nightmare. Something that you never want to wish on someone else so please be aware of your surroundings before coming or going. People are working in the public are there to provide a service for the customer’s and we are more than happy to do it. However, coming to work sick or coming out when you are sick and knowing that you are contagious you are spreading those germs to everyone that you come into contact with. Our situation could have gone much different and we are thankful that it did go in the right direction. The first few days were not all that great and with everyone sick makes it that much harder because no one feels like doing anything of consequence.

Day 11 of the COVID19 virus we have been feeling better little by little however, we still have no energy to say the least being sick takes a hard toll on your body and when you cannot taste any food you really don’t want to eat anything if you cannot taste it. Slight headache but not as bad as the previous headaches earlier in the week. Ready to get back to normal if that is even possible.

Day 12 of the COVID19 virus feeling a whole lot better today. However, it is back to work tomorrow and dreading the standing on the floor for ten or more hours. Resting up today for the lack of energy from the first day back to work. It has been a long road and we are sure glad we are making it to the healthier side these past few days. It sure is going to be nice when we are feeling better and can move forward.

The End of the worst part of COVID19 well slight symptoms today while at work from being lazy and resting for twelve day it is amazing how much you do while you are at work. The amount of movement that you have when you are at work compared to the movement that you do not have when you are sick is quite amazing. By the end of the day you feel like you have ran a marathon and you never made it to your destination. Looking forward to the next day at work maybe it will be a little better. Thank you for reading and hopefully this will give you some insightful information when or if you may get sick with this virus.

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