Random Thoughts Continuous 2

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As she sits her thinking about a title for the post she is about to make she cannot seem to find the right title. Therefore, she is going to write what is on her mind at the moment in time. Her morning started like all mornings she gets up at five in the morning, gets dressed, and heads to work. She walks into her store as the Unit manager and does the walk through to make sure that the parking log, bathrooms, and front floor are presentable for the upcoming customer’s.

She eventually, makes it to the part where she has to get the stuff ready for the upcoming shift. As the associate’s start arriving for the upcoming shift there is chit chat throughout the back room where they are working toward getting ready for the upcoming shift. As the associate’s are arriving for the upcoming shift there is a lot of laughter that you usually do not hear when you go out to eat. People tend to be very rude and unkind throughout the day.

You know running a 24 hour restaurant is hard work it does pay off in the end. There are many things that you have to deal with when it comes to running a business. You have to be on call all hours of the day or night. You have to be able to make the call on certain things throughout the day. In the end you are responsible for everything in the store and you have to be willing to make the sacrifice.

The new generation is spoiled people who think the world revolves around them and no one else. A couple of weeks ago we had this table come in and they wanted their server to only serve them, tend to them, and serve no one else. Well in this line of business you cannot just wait on one certain table the whole time unless your section as a server is one table that you can only turn once every hour.

Working in the restaurant business is amusing sometimes because of the crazy things that you see or hear throughout the day. You build your clientele up and keep the business coming in so you have to make your customer’s feel like they are wanted. It can be a very sarcastic place because that is how most women make it through the day with their sarcasm. Ha Ha! You really can have some good stories to tell but you would need to change the names and of course, never divulge the company that you are working for because that is bad business.

Although, some good titles come from observing the world around you. You become the story teller for your opinion of what you see in the world. Many of the customers that come into your establishment are regular customer’s who come in everyday to see each other and have conversations with other people that are in the building as well. It is like a small community where everyone knows everyone and you learn quite a bit about the people that you are serving or cooking for your customer’s. They are the ones that bring the sales to you and they will tell other people about the fantastic meal that they had.

You know it is amazing what is going on in the world today because it never fails you are always covering someone throughout the day. People are amazing in all they do and come up with every excuse in the book on why they cannot come to work. These people who are going to work every single day and being there for the customer’s are the ones making the sacrifice so the other part of the population can stay home.

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We work ourselves to the bone and all you get is people who think that they are entitled people. It is a sad shame that our country has come to this type of behavior. No one can get along and they cannot work together to get the job done and go home. All we have to do in this world is get up, go to work, and go home or whatever you do after work.

When you are the boss you cannot be friends with the people who work for you it does not help matters in the least. Business is business you have to set boundaries for yourself and the people you work around because you are the role model , mother, and anything else you want to put under a manager’s title.

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People always think that being the boss is the easiest job in the world unfortunately that is not so true. Depending on what company you work for they may have other positions of your title especially since you are the boss. Manager’s get caught up being friends with their associate’s and it makes other things in the workplace hard to put into effect because you may be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or they think that because you are friends with them you will not discipline them the same way as other associate’s.

Everyone is so caught up not caring about anyone but themselves in this world. So many, people do not want to have children and they do not want the responsibility for children. They are too busy spending their time having fun and doing what makes them happy.

It is quite amazing that people do not want to experience the joys and trials of having children. To carry on the family name and anything else that the family may want to pass down throughout the family. Random thoughts throughout the day today the best part of the day was seeing the beautiful rainbow on the way home from work.

Rainbow on the ride home.

You never know what is going to happen from day to day until it does happen. You know you must go to work so that you can pay the bills and to be able to buy things that you need throughout the week. However, in this day and time you cannot live like you are going to be here forever because of the stupid people that are out in the world today. The people who do not care who they hurt and do not care about anything in the world except for themselves. This is the people we are bringing up in this world.

People with no morals, no manners, and no soul because when you can stand there and takes someone else’s life for no reason but for money or what ever else you can get from them that is a sad shame.The world is in a crisis, there is no one standing up for what they believe in, no one is speaking about how we are losing our rights as people and Americans. They want everyone to sit around and wait for the government to tell them what to do, when to do it, and how they can do it.

They are wanting to shut the economy down again and close things that people need on a daily basis. We cannot stay at home forever that is not going to make us immune to anything in the world. What is that going to do? Nothing! Just cause more people to be out of work and takes forever to get unemployment going especially if you are one of the people who get furloughed. Who is going to pay the bills if you cannot rely on having steady money coming in for the bills because they do not stop coming all because you are out of work.

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When you have the money to spend on the bills do you make sure that they are paid all these people who want 15 dollars an hour to flip burgers. You mean to tell everyone who has already been working for a place for 10 – 40 years that people who are just coming onto the job are making the same as the people who have worked their behinds off to make it where they are now. Right now there are so many places that are to go only and the dining rooms are not open. Many people do not want to go through the drive thru and would like to come in and eat inside.

Mind you these are just topics that come to mind and not really towards anyone in the world. Although, it would not hurt for people to start speaking up and protecting themselves. It is just opinions about what is going on in the world today. Things that make you think about the future and the things that may or may not happen.

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Well today went rather well to say the least even with new people and one you would say veteran server. Although when you have experienced people it goes a lot smoother. It is now almost ten o’clock at night and she needs to get her nightly vitamins before it is too late. Well she is now on the way to making he rest of the night all about sleeping. she did not have much time to write today as her son had used the wireless card on his computer and forgot to put it back. (lol). Well anyway she had been sitting her reading about Linux and the different commands that each variation of Linux is used. All in all it was a good day she finally made it home about 430 or so this afternoon. It is quite amazing that people think that they are better than others because you can tell them something and then you get the response “Oh I know how to do my job”! Even though they have only worked for your establishment for like three days.(lol)

It is amazing how many people think that they know the job when they first start. No you do not know how to do the job here because you just started. Unless you have previously worked for a company you are not totally sure on how they do things. They may do things differently from your previous employer. People are amazing to say the least you cannot expect everything to go the way that you want it to. Life is not that way it doesn’t always go the way you want it to go. However, people spend most of their life going from one place to another, one job to another, and never just sitting back and relaxing a little while to get something out of their life.

Today is September 4, 2021,
She wakes up and starts her day. She gets ready for work and drinks some coffee to wake herself up. Every day is stressful days with; COVID19, unemployment, and politically there is no guarantee of what the future holds for anyone in the world today. As she leaves the house to head to work, she spends her drive listening to the jazz channel and makes her way down the highway to her store. When she finally arrives at her job; she looks around in the parking lot to make sure all the lights are working outside, then she makes sure that the parking lot needs sweeping and there is no visible trash, checks the weeds next to the sidewalk, and then it is time to head in and see how the shift went. Most managers call this a walk walk-thru. The morning shift is just arriving. She gets the drawer ready for the upcoming shift-which allows the previous crew to go home. Now, she has to wait for everyone to arrive.

It went rather well today. However, the day could have gone a little better because when you have new people. It doesn’t seem like everyone is working, and it makes you feel like you are doing all the work. We did $2447 today in sales for the shift man customers were coming in as fast as they were going out it, seemed that way. We had a decent crew today, and everything got done before the next shift arrived. She finally gets all the work done that she needed to get done before heading out for the day. She realized today that some of her regular customers did not come to eat with us today. Some girls who work for her were telling her what happened the day she was not there. She needed to know why the customers were not coming in anymore was because of what happened the other day. Of course, it was her day off, and she was unaware of the events they were talking about on that day. The girls said that their food was wrong when they came in that day and were not happy. It is so hard to keep your customer’s coming back when they get terrible food while away from your store. You have to take care of the customers you have come into your establishment because they are the ones we are here to serve, cook for, and make sure they are welcome anytime. You also have some of your customer’s that you spoil you, exactly know how they like their food. When you mess up on their food a few times, you will see that they are not likely coming back; and spend their money in your establishment. We are in the people business so, taking care of your customers is the key to repeat business and will bring new business from word of mouth. She has had her issues when it comes to dining out in this day and time. We love eating at the Shrimp Basket; however, the last time we went was on Father’s Day the-lady who was the hostess; told us to pick where we wanted to sit so, we picked; one of the tables. It was her and her husband eating because the boys were working so, they could not join us tonight, and it is a good thing. The service was horrible, and we never got waited on for like 15 minutes, and then the hostess saw us looking around and wondering who our server was. Well, the hostess got our drink order and proceeded to find the salesperson for that section. Another couple walks in and sits behind us at the next; table, and the hostess went to get the salesperson and told her that we were ready to order. Well, as we watched the hostess who was trying to find the salesperson for the section. The salesperson made her way to the table behind us who; just sat down at their table. Frustrated by what we had been through, we got up and left because that was not even right to pass us up for the table that just came inside and sat down.

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