The World We See

Throughout the world today we see things that we should never have to see. People do not care about each other at all and it is time for a change. In the younger days of her life she remembers when neighbors helped one another in any given time. Sometimes you have such neighbors that will help you out when you need it. They also disciplined your children, and vise versa. People our rights are being taken away from us, and no one is standing up for what they believe in. When did America die? Why won’t people stand up for what they believe in and make this world the best it can be. Life is hard enough to get through without having to spend your day thinking of how things in this world are not working.

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Everyone should have some happiness in their life. You cannot go through life without someone to care for you. Many people rush into marriage, and commitments. They don’t stop and think about what will happen years from now because they cannot be by themselves. She has seen it throughout her career women who come in and have bruises and scrapes on them however, they are still with the person that made the bruises and scrapes. Come on people find the one that will make you happy all the time. Life should not always be arguing, and complaining about things that happen in their life. You make your life what you want it to be and if you settle for what you can get then that is all you will ever have.

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