Random Thoughts Continuous 3

7/16/21 Today started out pretty good woke up and spent some time just talking about different things. She has come to realize that she needs to make some changes in her life and what she wants to do for the rest of her life and working in the restaurant field is something that she does not want to do anymore. well anyway, things are quiet around here and everyone is doing things that they want to do she assumes. watched a video of my grandson starting to try and learn how to crawl it is amazing that when you become a grandparent it is something quite different than anything else. our job as parents is to make sure that we raise our children and teach them how to defend themselves. instead of staying at the house living with their parents for the rest of their life. that is not teaching them anything but how to get away with living in their parent’s house and not making a life for themselves. it is time to push them out of the house for their own good and learn how the world works. well anyway, things are looking pretty around the house and flowers are blooming all around. our garden did not do that well this year because as usual we did not get started in time enough and then it gets too hot for the plants. However, we did manage to get some peppers and tomatoes this year. we finally have some eggplants coming on so soon we will cook them with one of the dinners that we have. it is nice to be able to grow your own food. At least if you know how to plant and grow things then you will never go hungry especially here in Florida where you can plant more than one garden a year. This is actually quite impressive for me to be sitting here finally getting back into the writing phase that she missed. She finally can make some changes and this is a good start for right now. Finally, she knows what she wants to do and she will stop at nothing to make it so.

She is trying to get back in her writing phase she misses it so much and loved to sit here and write about my day and what happened so there is something she looks back on and read again later on or revise it to make it better and possibly turn what she has written into a book or chapter just by adding some names of character’s and the different places that she will talk about within the writing and getting back into the groove of sitting here and working on something that will get her out of the food industry for good. she tries to look for other places such as retail and information technology to get her foot in the door with a company that she can spread her wings and fly again in a different field and make what she is making now or more than she is making now. she knows that there is a story in her that she can put into the making of several volumes of a book. it is just the discipline that she needs to get her back in the writing phase of her life.

How she starts her writing phaseskeeping the flow coming through her writing
gets off topic quicklyChanges in tone

7/19/2021 Well today was a busy day, to say the least! We had a new girl that just started along with another girl who has not been there that long both doing pretty good. however, they need more work on certain areas of the restaurant business. It is so hard in this day and time that you cannot tell anyone anything for fear that it will make them mad and quit. The struggles are real when it comes to finding people who actually want to work. Show off their skills and traits to the public. Sometimes you come across a few here and there that actually want to do the job to the best of their ability or to the highest standards. However, most of what we end up with are the ones that do not want to do all the work and think they know everything about the world. There are many times that you have to bite your tongue for fear of saying something totally wrong and then there goes your reputation and career all in one swoop. These days people can be so rude it is quite amazing that people act the way that they do within the world. It scares her so much the way that the world is going with all the killings, robberies, and just out riots everywhere in the world. On top of the pandemic that has put a halt on several things and places throughout the world. It is scary that now you cannot get people to work for anything because they are paying them to sit at home and do nothing all day long. Working in the public makes it hard sometimes because you have to kill them with kindness and ease their minds. Furthermore, you have to do your best to make sure that they leave happy so that they will return to your establishment again to spend their money. however, sometimes that does not work all that well because of many different reasons. Random thoughts while she sits here starting out to write about her day and then ends up writing about something else. It is okay because she can move the parts to other areas of the post to make it flow a little better. The world is lazy and people are getting lazier as the days go on and nothing can be done about it because parents are raising their children this way. They teach them that it is okay to get whatever you want and when you want it. That is not the lesson that people should be showing or giving to their children because then that is what the businesses end up with people who do not want to work but get paid for the work that they are not doing. People want 15 dollars an hour to flip burgers or drop fries at a fast food joint but when it comes to the people who have put their time and experience into the job at hand they do not get anything else. In turn that means that people who come in for the first day are making as much as the people who have been there for years.

There are so many obstacles in the restaurant field it is crazy the things that you have to do and are required to do. It makes no sense to her that these corporations make all this money and they cannot afford to pay their people a little more money to make them stay. What is really sad is that these corporations used to care about the employees and the customer’s that is really not the case these days and in the world that we are living in right now. People are so swayed in the comings and goings that they do not look at the real picture and they believe everything that they are told by the news people, articles they read on the internet, and ticktock videos that they watch. You cannot have one person on your floor at work without someone pulling out their phone to see if they have missed any calls or just to watch a movie while they are at work does not matter that they are getting paid to work not sit on their phone and watch movies. We were always told that if you have time to lean you have time to clean that is so not the case anymore. You cannot tell someone to clean something if you are not willing to do it yourself. You are always supposed to lead by example and maybe finally get your employees to follow your lead. However, this is hard to do when you have new people and the people who have been there the longest do not want to help mold the new people into the best people they can be. Furthermore, you have to be on the best behavior and not piss anyone off in the process of whatever you are doing. it is quite amazing how much people cannot stand for them to be told what to do and how to especially do their job because they know everything.

Make an outline of what you want to accomplish in your writingkeep your thoughts in one line and area for the duration of the writing process.
Try to keep your thoughts on what you are writing and don’t stray from the topic.Understand what you want to convey to your readers.
How to start the writing process

7/20/21 Well today went pretty good we did 1500 dollars today in sales. had some new people working today and trying to get them trained for them to get on their own shift. although there are some kinks to work out with them they are doing quite well for the most part. Well, now she is home and working on getting some things straightened up and organized for the upcoming projects she plans to take on. She is wanting to start her own business and work for herself with the family. possibly going to hire two more salespeople for the time being because we are always needing the help and cannot find anyone to work and do the job that they are supposed to do. Have been sitting here learning how to do some coding with different languages. I am so ready for the next chapter in my life and that means I need to get on the ball and get things rolling because she does not want to work in the restaurant business for the rest of her life. That is no way to spend the rest of your life doing the same things and never learning anything else that is out there in the world. Now, that i am making myself sit here at the desk writing and learning some new skills i find that coming home and sitting right down is the thing to do because then i cannot get lazy and just sit in the chair.


Learning coding programs to use on her blog and how to incorporate them into her posts.How she plans to use coding to develop her skills in the world.
Learning how to make tables and create an outcome.Making something of herself with what she is learning.
What she wants to write about

7/25/2021 Well she is sitting here writing about a variety of things on her blog and starting to write more and more in her journal with several different posts and various topics. There is so much to write about and she just doesn’t know where to start so many things on her mind and she cannot possibly keep track of them. You have to want something really bad for it to happen and you have to put in the work in order for it to even exist. Well for now she is going to continue with what she is doing because that is what is best for her at the moment. When you start to see the information that you are putting in this blog and then take a look at the code editor you see what you have been learning throughout the last couple of days and then you can put the information to use for your own stuff that you are doing. Watched a video from Melissa today of Earnest trying to crawl it is so precious to see him trying to move and grow. It is so hard to get out of the house these days because she works all week and is just exhausted when it comes to her days off. She goes in at six o’clock in the morning and sometimes doesn’t get home until that time at night. That makes for a long week. However, you cannot be the boss without making the sacrifices that come along with being the manager. If you were to look at it the other way she could still be the relief manager that is not getting paid the bucks to make the hard decisions that you have to make as a boss. She is sitting here trying to use some of the things that she has learned but some of them do not work the way that they should. Never stop trying to get it where you want it because one day it will come true. If you push hard enough you can achieve anything that you want in your life. Now, she can fulfill some of her dreams of doing things that she likes to do and what she wants to do. She realizes right now that if she can make the same amount of money doing what she loves to do then she should be able to do it. As far as she can see it is not hard to build a website and it is not too hard to keep the content up. The hardest part is making it a reality and taking that step to freedom in her life. Commercials are evil just when you get to watch a show and get into it here comes the commercial.

Titleswhen to start writingcharacterswhat is their obstaclewhat is the outcome
The Working part of the World.Amelia, Francis, Jessica, Brian, Scott a short stalky guy who loves to cook for his customers and make the food presentable, and FeliciaMaking it through the day of working at a dead-end job. But the friends that they will make throughout the process of working is something that will never leave.Making the right kind of friends to carry them throughout the rest of their life with little obstacles that they can overcome
The way out of the working world.Amanda
What have you accomplished in your life?Brandon

07/28/2021 Well so much for the writing phase. She has missed two days already for whatever reason. Her mind is so exhausted right now and she doesn’t know how to keep her mind in check unless she sits down here every day to write. It has been a couple of days and she is kicking herself in the butt. However, she is trying her best to keep her writing going she is looking forward to the upcoming journal entries. It has been a long day we started out slow and then ended up doing more than it felt like.

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