Getting Older

As you look back on your life and wonder how you got to the part where you are now. Things in your life work out for a reason. As we get older things are different throughout our life. She was sitting her putting stuff in order and ran across pictures of her children as they were younger. She wonders what she has done in her life to leave her children with some hope of how life will be when they get older. Everyone wants their children to reach for the stars, and accomplish more than what they have in their life. People want their children to have more than their parents had when they were living their life and growing up. As she sits there going through her things getting them organized she runs across so many things that her children have made over the years. It is always nice to run across them because they are precious to her.

Watching your children grow up and have lives of their own is hard and sometimes you may feel alone going through the process. However, things usually work out on their own because we all have a journey that we are supposed to take in this life. When do you stop worrying about your children and start living your life without your children? Life is never the same when your children grow up and leave your home. Yes, you will have more money that you do not know where it is going. You manage your life the best way you know how and the best way that you can throughout your day.

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