The Ride to Work!

On the way to work this morning going down the road, the sky is dark, lightning, and thundering here in our neck of the woods. The lightning struck one of the telephone transformers and blew, sparks flying, and then a big pop. Not something you want to drive through a storm first thing in the morning. When she arrives at work she did her normal day-to-day operations. Shortly after starting the shift it started out slow but got busier and then she had to let her other cook go home because she was having pains in her chest. She ended up cooking for a couple hours by herself today, as soon as she let her go it started to get busy. She handled it rather well. Around one o’clock she called to see what time her truck would be arriving. The lady on the other end of the phone said it would not be arriving until 6:45 p.m. We do not accept deliveries after a certain time because no one else has the key. She finally finished getting things done so that she could go home and write about her day. She sits down in her chair in the living room and starts to turn on her computer so that she can do some writing and practice her cyber security information. She has to go back for shift change tonight. Then she is off for the next two days. She is going to spend some time trying to get some posts set up for the upcoming month. While studying her cyber security for the CompTIA exam.

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