The Art of Blogging

She has learned many things in the last week about her blog, and she figured out how to do some things that she did not know before. Like adding posts to categories, they have their page and not in the blog roll on the front page. When she started this blog, she did not understand the ins and outs of blogging. She decided to start it because of the discussion questions in college. Why not put them on a blog and see if people will respond.

Well, years go by, and she posts some things throughout those years. She managed to get herself back into writing because it is her passion. She can write anything she wants to and make it sound good. She comes up with stories all on her own, and sometimes she even finds herself writing the same things for years. She misplaced a book she was using to keep herself in the writing stage with different topics. It was a small thick book and had tons of ideas that you could write about for your viewers. She is sure to run across it one day, hopefully soon.

This week she has learned how to put the pages in order the way that she wants them to look on her website. She then adds the content that she wants to display on the pages she created. She has included a section for services that she will offer to clients that may find her writing style pleasant and uplifting. Right now, she has sat here in the last thirty minutes and written this article about what she is learning. She wants to further her career in a field that she is passionate about and wants to spend her life doing this for a living. You cannot let things get in the way of what you want to do with your life. You have to make the changes in your life and take a chance on the things that make you smile.

Although, it is a work in progress while she works on the previous posts to make sure they are clear and interesting. Her time is precious however this is something that she is working for accomplishing something that she loves to do. Throughout, the world there are many people who make money from their blogs and still work their full-time job as well. You have to motivate yourself to accomplish the goals that you want to make in your life.

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