Friday Journal

She was off work today; she slept in for a little while this morning. She walked into the living room and turned the television on, and had some coffee. Sham and Junior are also up, and at it this morning, they love playing with each other, and Sham loves to be the bully of the house. Especially when junior is trying to play with the toys. Sham does not like that one bit, and when he, wins he prances around the living room so proud of himself. On one of her son’s birthdays, he turns 20 today. She sits here and thinks about the good old days with her children all in one house. She reminds herself that they are growing up and living their own lives. They do not need mom or dad that much anymore, and it is scary given what is happening in the world today. It is hard to cut those momma and daddy strings from your children. Because you have raised them the best way your know-how, and now it is time to let them live their own life.
Now, you have to find a way to live your own life without seeing your children all the time because they have their things going on, and they are trying to move on with the next chapter in their life. She is not sure when it seems, though when they get independence from their parents, it is like a space in your heart she is missing. Now, she has to form a different type of relationship with her children that she is not used to thinking about her life and what she wants to accomplish. One day at a time, and things will work out in time. We enjoy time together, and we talk about things throughout the day.
Well, she sits here writing but also filing paperwork out of a box. It is uncanny how much stuff you can accumulate over the years.

more to come when it happens.

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