Weekend Journal

Well, today went rather well; it rained all day long with a few breaks in between. However, we started slow this is usually how the day starts and picks up around the time church lets out today. Well, the day keeps flying by time flies when you’re having fun. Never a dull moment at work or home. We did okay today at work sales could be better. Maybe, tomorrow will be better on sales at work. She got all her stuff done and did the daily routine of checking the supplies in the backroom so; they don’t run out of paper products. She finally makes it home, where she turns everything on; and flicks through the channels to see what they want to listen to while she writes. Sham was waiting for her when she arrived, sitting there looking out the window. Sham follows her to her chair sniffing, away at her pants. Then we all sit down and converse a little before everyone goes on about their business for the day.
She sits down and starts writing and remembers she did not write yesterday. The other day she ran across the first few chapters of her book that she started writing a few years ago. She is going to edit what she has printed out and started working on it again. One day she is going to publish her book when it gets complete. She would love to get feedback about her book. She knows that writing a book is going to take some time. Everyone knows that writing a book will be new to her and only goes by what research she does on how to write a book.

Well, time to put the writing to rest and get back to studying Cyber Security.

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