Monday Journal entry

She had two call-outs today, so it was another salesperson and her today; with two trainees, we each got one of them. They did rather well today considering the staff was trainees although it was not busy so, we had time to teach them a few things. The day did go by quickly today but, when you are running all the time, you never notice the time. She finally got everything done paperwork, closing out the day, and payroll. Teaching someone the right way that things have to be completed in a certain way and coaching them on the right way to do the paperwork just in case they have to fill in somewhere. Management is the key to coaching and getting people to do things you want them to do. You are the manager; you are in charge; you are a leader; you make the rules and do your job. Learning is growing. Everyone needs to learn and growth is what makes them better. You have to have someone pushing you to do your best and nothing less is acceptable.

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