Tuesday Journal

Well, today went rather well; we did not have any problems today. It went smooth and steady even though we were down in sales today. When finally, made it home to sit down and do some writing on the blog. The other day she joined some groups on creative writing, writing a book, and other groups to help her in the process of finding new ideas to write about for her readers. A few years ago, she had written over 100,000 words in her journal just about her life, what she did, how work went, or whatever was on her mind. Writing calms her down; relaxes her because there is so much to talk about in this day and time. It is also fun to write and see what you have come up with during your writing. Sometimes she will sit down and outline her name up and down the left side of the paper and start writing with the first letter on that line. Then when you begin a word with that letter on the upcoming line. It is simple because you can use your name or someone else’s name to try and come up with something good to write about sometimes; you will come up with a funny storyline.

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