A Learning Process

In studying, for the CompTIA exam, she had to figure out some way to help memorize the questions; and answers so she, decided to create her classroom to help her study without having to rummage through papers. It helps to have something that works for you when it comes to memorizing things you need to know for the upcoming test. Although, you may want to keep looking at the information even after you pass the test because it changes every day. We see it every day somewhere in the world there is a cyber attack. It does not matter what type of person or company the hackers are not worried about who they steal from because they are out to cause harm. You eventually have to become better than the hacker. Learning how to figure out what the hackers are doing is the best part of it all.
The more you learn throughout the years, the better you become in all that you do in your life. You have to be passionate about the field you want to go in because life is not always lovable. Unless you work for yourself, you will always have a boss to report to every day. Everyone reaches the point in their life where they want to be free to do things they love to do besides working all the time. Your life is too short to be doing just one random thing all the time. You have to reach out of your comfort zone and find what you are passionate about doing for the rest of your life.

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