Living A Life

You know it is amazing how people in this world act. Things that people do and the work ethic in this world today are nothing to brag about by no means. People that work for any company should adhere to the rules of the business. They don’t want to be on time for work, they call in at the last minute, and you hear all kinds of excuses on why they cannot be a responsible adult. As she sits there thinking about how the day went. Although we were busy, we did not have the time to get things done in time enough for the next shift. There are businesses around our store that do not have their dining room open. So that means more people are coming to our store because they can come in and sit down.

Things never go as they should, and you never know when you will have to work something else out to come to the end of the day. People are so picky when they go out to eat. It is insane how they want things makes you wonder if they are that way when they cook at their house. You know many; people have a certain way they want their food but come on, do you have to be so picky? Listen to you, cannot; always have things your way. Life is not that way! Many people blame the salesperson when things get messed up with their food. However, others are involved with the preparation of the food that you have ordered.
People do not stop and think about the people out there every day showing up for work to serve you. Everyone deserves praise who gets up every day and gets out to do their job. The restaurant business has been through quite a bit of turmoil these past months. Unemployment kept people away from working because they could get paid to sit on their butts and not have to worry about their bills. Some people did not get any help whatsoever during this “Pandemic!” this coming from people who had COVID19.
Working in the food industry today is something companies are dealing with due to the events from last year. It is hard to find people to show up for work and want to work. Most of the companies near the place; she works at are mostly; Togo only and not opening their dining rooms. She is starting to get more employees in, and training them is a process and takes time. You have to make them the best at what they are doing and not settle for anything less. You want to be proud of your store and keep it nice for your customers. The customers are the ones that bring in the business for you to meet sales. We strive to have good numbers throughout the day because that means we are making more money. You look at things differently when you look at the Profit and Loss of your business. You find the mistakes and places that need improvement. Making money and providing the best experience ever is the goal every day. The one thing that she does not like to see is walking into a business, and all you see are frowns, and people look like they don’t care about how they appear to the customer. When you walk into your job you should be happy and making people feel like they want to be there working with you today. The atmosphere is a big thing to some people and keeping our associates happy is the main key.
Until next time.

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