Finding A Passion

As she sits here writing about various things on her blog; starting to write more in her journal with several different posts and various; topics. There is so much to write about, and she doesn’t know where to start so many things on her mind, and she cannot possibly keep track of them. You have to want something for it to happen, and you have to put in the work for it to exist. Well, for now, she continues with what she is doing. When you start thinking about the life you want, then; you should seize the day and make it happen. 

She knows what is best for her in this moment and her life; When you start to see the information you are putting in this blog and then look at the code editor. You see, what you have been learning throughout the last couple of days, and then you can put the information to use for the stuff you are doing. She watched a video from her daughter today. 

The grandbaby is trying to crawl is so precious to see him trying to move and grow. It is so hard to get out of the house every day because she works all week and is just exhausted from her days off. She goes in at six o’clock in the morning and sometimes doesn’t get home until that time at night. That makes for a long week. If you were to look at it the other way, she could still be the relief manager; that is not getting paid the bucks to make the hard decisions; that you have to make as a boss. She is sitting here trying to use some of the things that she has learned, but some do not work the way they should. 

Never stop trying to get it where you want it because one day it will come true. If you push hard enough, you can achieve anything that you want in your life. Now, she can fulfill some of her dreams of doing things she likes to do; and what she wants to do. She realizes right now that if she can make the same amount of money and doing what they love to do, she should be able to do it. As far as she can see, it is not hard to build a website, and it is not too hard to keep the content up. The hardest part is making it a reality and taking that step to freedom in her life. Commercials are evil; you get to watch a show and get into then comes the commercial. 

Well, back to writing, she has published some articles to vocalshe is also working towards writing something every day to keep herself in the rhythm of writing different stories or about her day. She makes her journal posts, and sometimes they do not make sense but easily, allows you to go back and add other things in when you are ready to tackle it again. You are who you want to be; you have choices on how you want to live your life and how much you want to struggle or make yourself better to reach the goals you have put out in your plan for the future. Reach for the stars! Make the most of your life and do things that you want to do. She knows it has taken her some time but realizes this is what she loves to do; she can do it in her spare time and make money. Here’s to the next chapter in her life as we embark on this journey. 

Until next time. 

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