November 2, 2021

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Well, she woke up this morning and did the usual routine everyone has routines in the morning. Coffee, shower if you hadn’t done it the night before, and find your work clothes. Many people have them lying out ready to go, and for the most part, she does. She makes it to work after dropping the youngest boy off at work. It is on the way because it is close to the house so; it is no problem. She arrives at work and starts getting things ready for the upcoming shift! She waits for employees for the upcoming day. We start slow in the morning for the first couple of hours. Then we start picking up the business little by little, and then you find yourself cooking 1200 dollars. 

It is not bad; to do this by yourself; it pushes you to get better and faster. Serving hot fresh food to your customers every day keeps them coming back for more. They are the greatest; part of working in the public because it makes you feel good when they come to see you and come for the food you serve. There are parts of the job; most people do not like; the attitudes and people who know everything. You cannot tell people anything these days. You do not walk right into a job and know everything there is to know about that business. 

People have to coach and train employees, and sometimes you have veterans that have worked for you for quite some time. They know what they are doing, so new people should listen to the people who have been there for a long time. They are not trying to steer you in the wrong direction; they are trying to help you be better at your job. You have to learn from everyone because there are better ways to do things. There is so much to learn from other people to make the job easier and pleasant to work. 

She makes it through the day and finally makes it home to sit down and spend some time writing in her journal and pushing herself to write some posts for the week. She is sitting here watching television and writing about the day. Well enough about work. She came home to find sham where he always is waiting for her to get home for the day. Now, he is lying in the living room, sleeping like he always does. Sham is such a great pet and companion. 

She is sitting here listening to the guys making dinner. We are having eggs, grits, and sausage links for dinner. Yum! You cannot go wrong with breakfast it; is good any time of the day. As a team, they teach the boys how to make easy meals when they have to make ends meet because of the bills and watching the pennies. It is simple to come up with cheap meals that taste great and everyone in the family likes. She just remembered something while she was at work; she was outside listening and taking a break, and the Blue Angels were out flying their practice tricks like usual every week. She was able to get some pictures as they were going by, and most of the time, that is hard to do because she never has her phone with her. Today was different; she had her phone with her and was able to snag some photos. Well, that is about all she has to talk about today. Nothing exciting happened today, and that is a sad shame. 

Until next time.

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