November 7, 2021

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Well, it was a busy day today. Of course, with the time changing, we always wake up way before the alarms go off! It is useless for the time change. Come on, keep it on one and leave it alone because it messes people up! Anyway, as usual, on Sundays, it started slowly and progressively got busier. We did $2853 today, and it went rather well; with the crew, she had with her this morning. When you stop and think about the number of sales that you do throughout a seven-hour shift. Although, it does make the day go by faster when you are busy with work. 

She finally got all her stuff done and was out of the unit before 4 p.m. today; it was; quite lovely to go home a little earlier than usual. She had a good day today; it was great seeing all the customers today, and hopefully, we have made some new customer’s so they will come back and dine with us. It always makes her day to see new faces in the restaurant. We made it through another day at work. She is now sitting here relaxing and writing on her blog. 

It is something she has not done in the last couple of days. After a long day at work, she feels drained and tired. Well, she keeps going on with her day like nothing is bothering her. She comes home and relaxes for a while; and then tries to sit down to write. Unfortunately, you sometimes get sucked into the show you are watching and forget about everything else in your life. She was coming straight home and sitting down at her desk. So she wouldn’t have an excuse not to write. Of course, when she finally sits down to write things, she always finds a way into her head and onto the paper. 

Earlier this afternoon; after getting home from work Sham, likes to chase Dakota around and bark at him; it is so funny! Junior, on the other hand, will shiver in a corner because of his anxiety. Well, the other day she went to visit with her grandson he is so precious. Words cannot express the joy in her heart when seeing her grandson. She took him a little toy because he’s learning how to walk. He loved it although, he was more interested in the wheels on the toy but also enjoyed pushing it around the house. Precious moments in your life you can always reflect on throughout your life. They say when you become a grandparent; it is different. 

She sometimes feels like life gets in the way, and you cannot spend all the time with the ones you love. A text here and there helps in realizing that everyone has a life of their own. When your children grow up and leave your home, it is hard to deal with at first because for the last eighteen years, or so you have done everything for them. You feel like you are not needed anymore because they have a family to care for and be with now; it is all about their family. You want the best for your children, and you want to make sure to give advice and talk to them regularly because you never know what can happen. 

When you care for someone so much it is hard to let them go especially, when it is your child. When you see your children blossom into the young adults they become is something special. It makes you feel like you did a great job raising your children the best way you could. You know your children can fend for themselves in hard times, good times, and lastly rougher times. She is very proud of all her children because she knows they have done an excellent job raising them with her better half. 

Until next time. 

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