November 8, 2021

Well, today, we started like any other day. She woke up to a couple of messages of people calling in sick. She had a total of three call-outs this morning. It is insane how people call out for anything these days. She spent the morning trying to find people to come in and work. So the day went okay it was her and another girl and one grill operator. We did 1200 dollars today, and we ran our feet off! The customers were understanding and patient with us. 

Even though it was a long day, it went rather well. We finally; slowed down enough to get the floor count done, close payroll, and make sure things were ready for the upcoming shift. Well, one of our regular customers came in today to eat with his wife. His dad Frank Emon is the oldest conductor in the world; he is in the Guinness World Records at the age of 103, and he is a Pearl Harbor survivor. He is a kinds hearted man, and we throw him a party every year on his birthday. He looked like he was having fun and loving every minute. It is customers like this that make your day brighter because they come in to see everyone. 

Well, now that she has made her way into getting things done and ready to go home. There is always so much stocking to do at the end of the work-day; to make sure that the upcoming shifts have everything they need to make it through the night, and that way, she does not get called during the night. One time during the holidays, she did not check the floor and stock it up. So they ran out of everything; she had to get up at two a.m. to go, get more food for them to sell. That was a lesson learned that year, and then she had to turn around and be back at seven in the morning. It is funny when you think about things that happened years ago and wants to share them with the world. 

Well, she finally makes it home to the same routine of resting and relaxing for the rest of the evening. Your home is like your sanctuary with your family. Everyone is always busy doing other things around the house or in their rooms. Sham and Junior stay close, and they keep an eye on everyone in the house because we are his pack. She is sitting here relaxing and writing about the day. People say that they do not have the time to write but, that is an excuse not to do it. Everyone has downtime to themselves and could spend that time writing about things that happen during the day. It could also help you work through any problems that you have going on in your life. She has researched several places where you can write anything you want to write about as long as it meets their standards. It is not hard to do, and you have to make time to write because if you do not set a time and place, it will never get done. She hasn’t got herself in a routine on this right now; however, she is working towards making it a top priority in the evening. Well, she’s going to try and catch up and keep making an effort to stay on schedule. The best stories come from within, and everyone has a story to tell. So many things happen throughout the day, and you should let loose of those stories.

Until next time. 

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