December 9, 2021

Well, today started good and was busy for the longest time. When she finally, arrived at work started getting busy with the things to do this morning. Well, the other grill op was late for work for the first time today. We ended up doing around 1400 dollars this morning. Lots of customers go shopping trying to find those deals. Of course, they also have to stop in to eat with us every day. Many of the customers we have come into our establishment are regular customers we see seven days a week. Sometimes you will have customers that want only you to cook their food because you know how they like it. It is always satisfying to know that you’re cooking is what they come back for every day. You have to take care of your customers to keep that clientele up and going throughout the year. Today was not that bad although, the truck that was supposed to come yesterday came today right at the time; we started getting busy. Go figure! Finally, she got everything done and was ready to head home for the evening. It is the time of year, which is the busiest time for the place she works for; with, all the travelers coming through our town for the holidays. 

She made it home to find Sham sitting there waiting for her sitting next to her husband. Sham is great he; is always sitting in front of the Florida room door waiting for mom to get home from work. She was sitting in her chair and thought it felt kind of late but, when she looked at the clock and saw it was only 5 o’clock, man it feels, so much later than that. She decided to get up and sit in her chair with her little blanket to keep her nice and toasty while she is, writing this article right now. While the boys and dad are in the kitchen working on cooking dinner. Of course, the last two days we, had our loaded spaghetti dinner. It is so good and always better the next day. Of course, tonight she, decided to put some of the leftover spaghetti sauce on some french bread with mozzarella. It is going to be so delicious!

Sham is the first one in the kitchen, especially when your, bringing out any food that he can have. He is as spoiled as they come! However, he is worth every bit of spoiling because he is the best pet. Oh man, that was a delicious dinner quick; and simple. Well, back; to the writing, we go for the rest of the evening ahead. Christmas movies and relaxing because the upcoming weeks fly by so quickly. Then we will be entering another year and another 365 days until the holidays again.

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 Anyway, it is time to finish this article up with a few thoughts no, matter where you are in the world you, need to make sure that you keep in touch with your family, whether it is a text, phone call, sending a selfie to let them know you are okay. You never know what tomorrow brings; we go to bed thinking that everything will be fine. Until; you turn on your television in the morning to hear the latest news. Our lives are what we do every day. Kindness goes a long way when you have the chance to brighten up someone’s day then take the initiative to say something to that person. The holidays can be stressful enough with family outings, dinners, and church events. From our house to yours, we hope that your Christmas and New Year is the best one after the last year and social distancing around the globe. 

Until next time.

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