Sham meeting Junior

Sham, a Newfoundland Labrador mix became our puppy in 2010; my husband wanted to talk to me about this puppy. The landlord at the time got it for his son to play with but quickly realized that Sham was too hyper for a little, toddler. Well, as I walked out into the backyard, all it took was one look, and that was it. Sham ran into the house and claimed us for his family. We have had a few close calls when it comes; to certain aspects of taking on a 10-month-old puppy while homeschooling the children. They were young then but, we managed to make it through.

A few years ago, we decided to get another puppy for the house so that Sham would not be lonely. We got Junior, a Patterdale Terrier such, a cute little pup! Sham was not impressed with Junior in the slightest. Sham did not want to have anything to do with this puppy. Junior was just a little puppy who always wanted to play and jump all over Sham. Sham was also upset with us for getting another puppy because he was the only dog we have had for the last 12 years. Sham thought we got another puppy to replace him, but in fact, we just wanted him to have a little friend he could play with around the house. In time Sham and Junior have become quite good friends!

One day Sham had to go to the vet’s office to get groomed. Junior was upset because he was not around the house. When we finally brought Sham back home from the vet’s office, Sham was bouncing up and down, barking all over the place because Sham knew that we were fixing to pull in the driveway at the house. Junior was excited too because Sham was to come back home. Anytime you mention the vet’s office Sham goes crazy and excited because he knows he is getting a haircut.

We make good memories with our puppies; they have all the love in the world to give to one another and all of us. They worry about us when we are gone from the house. Neither one of them like to be alone for long periods. Every day is like we make more memories from them chasing our son around the house playing hide and seek in the yard trying to find our son. The best part of it is getting to laugh and see the happy faces of Sham and Junior when we play with them. Like everyone else who owns pets, we spoil both of them to death. They are the light of our life when it comes to companions.

Loving your pets is worth it because you form a bond with your puppies, and they know when something does not feel right around the house or with their master. We have learned so much over the years, especially researching the breed of each of our furry dogs. Sham and Junior are best friends now and have fun playing with each other and running around the fenced-in yard. Sham and Junior mark their territory all over every inch and spot of the backyard. Chase all the cats and squirrels out of the yard. We think they enjoy that way too much, but it is funny to watch them chase after something. Well, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this story about Sham and Junior. These two puppies have brought so much joy and happiness to our family. Wishing for more years to come with these two dogs and more memories to make with them.

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