February 11, 2022

Photo by sergio souza on Pexels.com

Well, she thinks that today went by pretty quickly; she made it to work and got things ready to go. We were busy for the most part today, ended up doing 1500 dollars for the seven-hour shift which, made the day go by quickly; she was ready to get out of there and make her way home for the rest of the evening. Sham was lying in the living room on his blanket but got up so she could pet him when she got home and sat down in her chair at the desk. Well, she; is sitting here thinking about something to write about and looking for someone to come in and work 5-9 which, is hard to find because many people do not want to come in for four hours and do nothing. Well, she finally got it covered and just in time too. We are having; meatloaf again tonight was so good yesterday, and everyone enjoyed it. She received a video of her grandson eating some cake man; he had that all; over the place. He is so cute and lovable. He is growing up so fast. Her grandson is walking; around; and learning how to pick up things off the ground earlier; he was picking; up some rocks. She loves looking at the videos they send to her because she gets to watch him grow a little more each day. Sometimes we cannot make it over their way because we have different schedules but, we try to get over their way some. She has also decided to try and change her eating habits to no potatoes, very little rice, and more protein to help her in the weight loss journey. Day two, and she is not that hungry for any; kind of food. She had some meatloaf and a little scoop of rice and a tad of gravy, and for brunch, she had tomato basil wrap with bacon, egg whites with one yolk, and jalapenos with some mayo it was so delicious. Well, she knows that dinner was great, and we are sitting here watching the “2 Broke Girls”; it is so funny, and she has watched it a million times and could keep watching it because it is so funny! She knows that life is full of surprises, and if you look for them, you can make your life a little easier. This episode is so funny! Junior our, Patterdale terrier, is lying here in the living room, and boy, let her tell you he sleeps in some weird positions. He moves the blanket around and around, just so that he can find the perfect combination for him to sleep on! Sham, the Newfoundland, on the other hand, does not care about moving any blankets around for him to sleep because Sham will plop down wherever he wants. Well, this is her day in Another Day in the Books! Anyone can write about their life and make it fun; you need to add some interesting information about the day. Well, another day has come and gone! It is time to get some relaxation before she has to retire for the night! She has had a wonderful time. Well, they had apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert, and of course, we had to give the puppies some dessert as well. They love getting spoiled with dessert vanilla ice cream. Puppies are the best part of your life, and you should treat them when you can. We have some great puppies, and we love them so much we spoil them when we can!
Another day in the Books!
Until next time.

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