Inflation at the Finest

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Well, now; that we are fixing to be going into the spring and summer months, our electric company decided to sell out to Florida Light and Power. They have now raised the energy bills we went, from a 200 dollar electric bill in January to 400 dollars in February; she is not looking forward to seeing the next bill coming in March. It makes you wonder what will happen to people who cannot afford their electric bills and get shut off for non-payment. People cannot; run their air conditioning through the summer months? It is not looking good for the older people in North Florida that already live on a budget; to begin with, they already have to watch what they spend each month. Come on! Florida Light and Power! You have to know that raising the energy bills is not going to be working the way; all want it to it, is almost like you are charging all the high prices just for fun. People will have to choose between medicine, food, other bills such as gas and water. How are people supposed to survive through the summer months to keep cool without running their air conditioning systems? You cannot keep your settings on 68 degrees all the time, and you cannot run your air conditioning all day long. In our house, we use the fan on our air conditioner at night to keep the noises from the outside down to a minimum, and we don’t run it all day because that would make our bill go higher than it is right now. So that we can sleep without interruption from the ambulances and other loud noises because it is hard to get any sleep at all. People need to start raising their voices to the rate hikes with the Florida Light and Power company. She wants to know why she has gas heat, doesn’t run her air conditioner, and runs one fan in her living room, and her bill is almost 400 dollars for one month. 

With everything else in the world going up makes it harder to make ends meet for one person, let alone a family. Well, she knows it will get worse as we go along, and everything will be more expensive. Get ready for higher bills; higher gas, the cost of food is going up, and the minimum wage is at 15 dollars an hour. Inflation at the finest! Everyone needs to speak up and send emails and letters to their governor and anyone else they can to stop this insanity. People cannot spend all their time in the pool or at the beach to keep cool. People cannot sit in restaurants all day long. People want to sit in their homes and enjoy the cool air coming; from their air conditioners. However, with the rate hikes, people cannot run them all day to stay cool in their own homes. People should not have to worry about finding the funds to keep the lights on in their homes. Throughout the day, she hears people talking about the rate hikes; people in North Florida, along with businesses, are facing because of the rate hikes. She knows people are complaining about it but, who is doing, anything about the rate hikes on the electric, gas, and water? Well, just her opinion about the whole situation, and she cannot speak for anyone else. It was just a shock to see how it doubled in less than 30 days. Now that she is venting today, she will continue writing about something happier for the rest of the evening. 

Until Next time.

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