Our Prayers are with These Families

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com
This is just sad! How do you get to that point?

I cannot express the sadness she feels right; now for the people that lost their children in this massive shooting. My prayers go out to all the parents that lost their children to this unbelievable act. I cannot imagine what people think about when this happens. It is crazy in this world that we live in that someone can do this to little children that they do not even know. When did our world become so filled with hatred and violence against one another? She cannot imagine what people are going through when they lose the one thing that means so much to them. Words cannot describe; the feelings that; she has when she reads the news to see this type of violence out in the world. We are supposed to look out for one another and not take the things we have in life for granted. How do you move on from something like this when you lose the precious children that; you cherish. Faith that the Lord has a plan, and keep the faith that; your life is worth living. Words cannot describe; the actions of this person who decided to hurt these innocent children and adults. You know she; usually does not watch the news because there is nothing good. There is nothing good on the; news these days, and it all comes down to the way people live their lives. My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones during this shooting. We are sending prayers from our family to yours during these difficult times.

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