A Trip In The Woods

Photo by Adnan Uddin on Pexels.com

Jake, Mia, Leo, and Zoe were bored of their usual summer activities. They wanted to do something different and exciting. Jake had an idea: why not go on a camping trip in the woods? He had heard of a place called Blackwood Forest, where there was a lake, a waterfall, and a cave. It sounded like the perfect spot for an adventure.

The others agreed, except for Zoe, who hated nature and bugs. But Leo persuaded her to come along, promising her a romantic getaway. They packed their bags, grabbed their tents, and drove to the forest.

They arrived at the forest around noon. They parked their car near the entrance and hiked to the lake. They set up their tents near the shore and had a picnic. They enjoyed the view of the water and the trees.

After lunch, they decided to explore the forest. Jake wanted to see the waterfall and the cave. Mia wanted to see the wildlife and the plants. Leo wanted to see if there were any hidden treasures or secrets. Zoe wanted to see if there was any cell phone service or wifi.

They split up into pairs: Jake and Mia went one way, Leo and Zoe went another way. They agreed to meet back at the lake before sunset.

Jake and Mia followed a trail that led them to the waterfall. They were amazed by the sight of the water cascading down from a high cliff. They climbed up to the top of the waterfall and found a small pool where they could swim.

They jumped into the water and splashed each other. They laughed and talked about their dreams and fears. They felt a connection that they had never felt before.

They got out of the water and dried themselves with their towels. They noticed a hole in the cliff wall that looked like an entrance to a cave.

“Let’s check it out,” Jake said.

“Are you sure?” Mia asked.

“Yeah, come on, it’ll be fun,” Jake said.

They grabbed their flashlights and entered the cave.

Leo and Zoe followed a trail that led them to a clearing in the forest. They saw a large wooden sign that read: “Danger! Do not enter! Private property!”

Leo ignored the sign and walked past it.

“Where are you going?” Zoe asked.

“I want to see what’s behind this sign,” Leo said.

“Are you crazy? It says danger!” Zoe said.

“So what? It’s probably just a bluff,” Leo said.

He continued walking until he reached a fence that surrounded a large metal building.

“What do you think this is?” Leo asked.

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” Zoe said.

She looked at her phone and saw that she had no signal.

“Great! Now I can’t even post anything on Instagram!” she complained.

She sat down on a rock and pouted.

Leo climbed over the fence and approached the building.

He saw a door that had a sign that read: “Warning! High voltage! Keep out!”

He opened the door and went inside.

He found himself in a dark room filled with wires, machines, and monitors.

He saw a big red button that had a sign that read: “Do not push!”

He pushed it.

A loud siren went off.

Lights flashed.

Sparks flew.

The building shook.

Leo screamed.

Zoe screamed.

Jake and Mia heard the siren from inside the cave.

They turned around and ran back to the exit.

They saw smoke rising from behind the trees.

They smelled something burning.

They heard Leo and Zoe calling for help

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