Tuesday Journal

Well, today went rather well; we did not have any problems today. It went smooth and steady even though we were down in sales today. When finally, making it home to sit down and do some writing on the blog. The other day she joined some groups on creative writing, writing a book, and other … Continue reading Tuesday Journal

Monday Journal entry

Well, she had two call-outs today, so it was another salesperson and her today along; with two trainees, we each got one of them. They did rather well today considering the staff was trainees although it was not busy so, we had time to teach them a few things. The day did go by quickly … Continue reading Monday Journal entry

Weekend Journal

Well, today went rather well; it rained all day long with a few breaks in between. However, we started slow this is usually how the day starts and picks up around the time church lets out today. Well, the day keeps flying by time flies when you're having fun. Never a dull moment at work … Continue reading Weekend Journal