Physics: The Science of Nature

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Physics: The Science of Nature Physics is the science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe. It is one of the oldest and most fundamental branches of science, and it aims to discover and explain the laws and … Continue reading Physics: The Science of Nature


In the midst, of homeschooling the children are learning more about equations. Although, teaching them can be interesting to see what they can get right with working with the equations. Most people do not believe that we use equations in everything that we do in our life. We use equations for a variety of things. … Continue reading Equations

Reading is a Big Thing

When you read you can go anywhere in the world. You have the power to make your own imagination  take hold of the story. Reading is about going places that you may not be able to go. She did not think that much about reading until she started homeschooling her children. You may find that … Continue reading Reading is a Big Thing